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NANEX will develop a catalogue of generic and specific exposure scenarios for MNMs taking account of the entire lifecycle of these materials. We will concentrate on three types of MNMs: i) high aspect ratio nanomaterials (HARNs); ii) mass-produced MNMs; and iii) specialised MNMs produced on a small scale.  NANEX will focus on human exposure  from occupational and consumer exposure scenarios.  In addition, we will also include scenarios leading to environmental release of MNMs (relevant for human exposure), and, to a lesser extent, review the potential for human exposure to MNMs through the environment.  NANEX will review available tools and models for their applicability to assess exposure to MNMs.  We will carry out a number of case illustrations to review the applicability of the generic exposure scenarios.  Finally, NANEX will identify key gaps in knowledge and tools for exposure assessment; will identify research needs and implement a comprehensive dissemination strategy. The various activities within NANEX will be carried out in 9 complementary work packages.


WP1 Management

Oliver Panzer (ERS, DE)

WP2 Development of generic exposure scenario description

Martie van Tongeren (IOM, UK)

WP3 Occupational exposure

Derk Brouwer (TNO, NL)

WP4 Consumer exposure

Denis Sarigiannis/Christoph Klein (JRC, Pan-EU)

WP5 Environmental release/exposure

Bernd Nowack (EMPA, CH)

WP6 Case illustrations

Steffi Friedrichs (NIA, BE)

WP7 Scientific integration and gap

Michael Riediker (IST, CH)

WP8 Dissemination

Yves Sicard (CEA, FR)

WP9 (Scientific Management)

Martie van Tongeren (IOM, UK)


Work plan