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NANOCYL is a university spin-off founded in February 2002. NANOCYL is specialized in the manufacturing of carbon nanotubes. Its production facilities can provide up to 40t/years of Multi-Wall CNTs and larger production scales are already foreseen. NANOCYL offers a varied range of carbon nanotubes of different diameters, lengths, functionalizations, etc, and if these CNTs already available do not meet the requirement of the customer, personal tailor-made products are prepared. NANOCYL has strong knowhow in terms of processing carbon nanotubes, leading to a growing range of products, among them EpoCyl, ThermoCyl, PlastiCyl, and AquaCy. Nowadays, NANOCYL employs 45 people in Belgium and has offices in US, China, South Korea as well as Japan. It maintains several academic & industrial networks.


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