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The Institute for Work and Health (IST) is the only institute in Switzerland entirely devoted to Occupational Health. IST is a higher education and research institute. IST has about 40 scientists involved in research, consulting and teaching activities. They are very experienced in the interdisciplinary evaluation of work and health by applying the competencies of physicians, chemists, hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and psychologists. Expertise includes analytical methods, emission rates of specified processes, modelling of exposure and toxicokinetics, occupational particle and fibre exposure assessment in all size ranges, and occupational health studies. IST is EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified. As a World Health Organization collaboration centre, IST has excellent and long-standing ties to national as well as international institutions, (e.g. ILO; NIOSH, INRS, AFSSET, SUVA, Seco, BAG, BAFU and many more). IST-members participate in international committees such as ISO, CEN and COST. IST actively participates in Swiss, European and worldwide research programs. In 2007, IST changed its English name from Institute for Occupational Health Sciences to Institute for Work and Health.


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